★★★Public Prize Contest Advertisement for the Best Art★★★
~The 3rd Art Event Shimane 2016~
Exhibition as for the CAT ANYTHING!!!
(Term) 2016 July as for the CAT ANYTHING
(Location) Museum Takeshitaseikakojyo
・・・Application requirements( Prerequisite )・・・
・Exhibition charges / 5000 yen  (To two items )
・To two items
・Work size ・・・Till F10
・Pictures・・・ A 3
・Stereoscope image・・・Within 30×30×30
♥♥♥ Ohda Mayer’s Prize・・・ For 3 people ♥♥♥
◇ Application Deadline Presentation ・・・May 31th
The exhibition is open from July 2 till August 31

~At the same time,in Germany,Frankfurt,
STADEL MUSEUM,Holding Exhibition for Post Cards
■Place for Application ・・・
General incororated association,
〒699-2211 1254-2,Hane,Ohdashi,Shimane
E-mail: info@takeshitaseikakojo.com