H26/8/1 ~8/31 (2015 August 1~August 31)

  • Around 100 artists have participated, from both within and outside the country.
  • 30% of visitors are from within Shimane 30% from the Kanto region, and the rest from other prefectures in Japan. Visitors include children and their parents.on summer vacation.

H26/9/4 ~10/31 (2015 September 4~October 31 )

  • Rin Terada Exhibition,「Zen(Buddhism」、「Heaven & Earth」
    Rin Terada created and exhibited two 20m series of works at the Japanese pavilion in Quebec in Canada making use of the whole hall.

H26/11/28~30 ( 2015 November 28~November 30 )

  • Christmas Market
    Exhibitors focussed on the flow of people, neighboring prefectures, food and drink, crafts, ways of life, etc., for three days, A group of around 90 shops participated.

H27/3/9~3/31 ( 2016 March 9 ~March 31 )

  • Tsunagu, photographic exhibition
    Planned exhibitions for four visual artists who had participated in the Art Event in Shimane, 2014

H27/3/9~3/31 (2016 March 9~March 31 )

  • Rin TERADA 「Heart-Soul」
    The first steps of an exhibition to commemorate the founding of the General Incorporated Association–